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Putin Now Has Russia’s Internet Kill Switch To Stop U.S. Cyberattacks

Putin Now Has Russia’s Internet Kill Switch To Stop U.S. Cyberattacks(Source

It has been in the works for years, and was signed into law in May. Now the final approvals have been put in place for Russian President Vladimir Putin to disconnect Russia from the world wide web if “required.” Politically, the rationale for this capability is to defend the state in the event of “threats to the stability, security and integrity of the functioning of the internet and the public communications network.” For which you can read a cyberattack emanating from the U.S., its allies or its proxies. When Putin signed the Russian Internet (RuNet) into law, critics immediately honed in on the isolationist and censorship risk, quite apart from any cyber warfare threat, arguing that the country’s lawmakers had opened the door to a Chinese-style firewall disconnecting Russia from the outside world. Unsurprisingly, Russia and China have now become closer as the two countries battle U.S. influence over key technology areas. 

Authorities say 40 pounds of seized fentanyl is enough to ‘kill entire

Authorities say 40 pounds of seized fentanyl is enough to ‘kill entire population of Ohio’ multiple times(Source

raid by law enforcement agencies in southwest Ohio has seized more than 40 pounds of fentanyl – enough to “kill the entire population of Ohio” several times, according to federal, state and local authorities. Authorities said Wednesday that officers also arrested three people and seized 1,500 grams of suspected methamphetamine, 500 grams of suspected heroin, several firearms and over $30,000. They said the raid took place last week.

“Twenty-kilograms (44 pounds) of fentanyl is enough to kill the entire population of Ohio, many times over,” said Vance Callender, Homeland Security Investigations special agent in charge for Michigan and Ohio. The three suspects were identified as Shamar Davis, 31; Anthony Franklin, 30; and Grady Jackson, 37, of Dayton, Ohio. They face charges of possession with intent to distribute 400 or more grams of fentanyl as as well as firearms possession charges.

Russia is finding new islands in the Arctic, while the US is still trying to figure out how to get up there

Russia is finding new islands in the Arctic, while the US is still trying to figure out how to get up there(Source Business Insider)

Russia, already the owner of the world’s longest Arctic coastline, has spent the past few years bolstering its presence there. Now changes wrought by climate change are giving Moscow more territory to work with in the Arctic as the US is still looking for ways to get into the high north.

Russian sailors and researchers explored five new islands around the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arctic Ocean off Russia’s northern coast during an expedition in August and September.

The islands, ranging in size from about 1,000 square yards to 65,000 square yards, were first spotted in 2016 but not confirmed until the expedition by Russia’s Northern Fleet and the Russian Geographical Society. In all, Russia has built 475 military facilities in the Arctic over the past six years and deployed personnel, special weapons, and equipment to them, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in March. US officials regard Russian activity in the Arctic as “aggressive” and have questioned their Russian counterparts on it.


THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS EMERGING BEFORE US(Source  A new world order is emerging. The liberation in one week of a quarter of Syrian territory is not only the victory of President Bashar al-Assad, “the man who had to leave eight years ago”, it marks the failure of the military strategy aimed at establishing the supremacy of financial capitalism. What seemed unimaginable has happened. The world order has changed. Further events are inevitable.

President Vladimir Putin’s very grand reception in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates testifies to the spectacular turnaround of the Gulf powers, which are now shifting to the Russian side.

The United Kingdom has already withdrawn its special forces from Syria and is attempting to leave the supranational state of Brussels (European Union). After thinking about preserving the Common Market (Theresa May’s project), it decided to break with the whole of European construction (Boris Johnson’s project). After the mistakes of Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron, France suddenly lost all credibility and influence. Donald Trump’s United States ceased to be the “indispensable nation”, the “policeman of the world” in the service of financial capitalism, to once again become a great economic power itself. They are withdrawing their nuclear arsenal from Turkey and are preparing to close the CentCom in Qatar. Russia is recognized by all as the “peacemaker” by assuring the triumph of the international law it had created by convening the “International Peace Conference” in The Hague in 1899, the principles of which have since been trampled underfoot by NATO members.

We have to understand what is going on. We are entering a period of transition. Lenin said in 1916 that imperialism was the supreme stage of the form of capitalism that disappeared with the two World Wars and the stock market crisis of 1929. Today’s world is that of financial capitalism, which is devastating economies one by one for the sole benefit of a few super-rich people. Its supreme stage implied the division of the world into two parts: on the one hand, stable and globalised countries, and on the other hand, regions of the world without states, reduced to being mere reserves of raw materials. This model, contested by President Trump in the United States, the yellow vests in Western Europe or Syria in the Levant, is dying before our eyes.

The Unspoken History of the Holy Roman Empire

The Unspoken History of the Holy Roman Empire. (Source Christianity in its present form came into being after the eleventh century “Great Schism” (1054 AD) between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church. Before that, it used to be an exclusively Byzantine affair and most of Western Europe followed pagan customs. The reason why Catholic historians fabricated the history of ancient Roman civilization was to dissociate Christianity from its Byzantine heritage. The theory that Christianity spread into Europe, and also in Russia, from the Byzantine Empire is validated by the fact that early Middle Ages – from 5th to 10th century, when the Byzantine Empire reached its zenith and a split occurred between the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic churches in 1054 – are referred to as Dark Ages, whereas the period between 8th century BC and 6th century AD is rather ironically called Classical Antiquity. There appears to be clear historical bias because in descending order, as we go back in time, the reliability of information reduces proportionally. Thus, the 11th century recorded history of the Roman Catholic Church is comparatively credible, whereas Before Christ folklore transmitted mainly through oral traditions of fabulists is simply implausible. Historically, on Christmas Day 800 AD, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, forming the political and religious foundations of Christendom and establishing in earnest the French monarchy’s longstanding historical association with the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, ninth century appears to be a watershed moment of increasing proselytization of Europe to Christianity, which obviously had its impact in Britain and Germany later. After that, the influence of the Byzantine Empire, lasting from 4th to 15th centuries, waned and a rival power center emerged in the form of Roman Catholic Church patronized by kings of Franks and Lombards in Italy.

Evidently, Christianization of Eastern Europe and Russia is attributed to the Byzantine Empire and Western Europe to the Holy Roman Empire. Thus, the history of ancient Romans, whose empire purportedly fell in 476 AD to Germanic tribes, is nothing more than folklore and the history of the Roman Catholic Church in earnest began after the coronation of Charlemagne as the Holy Roman Emperor. The title of Holy Roman Emperor remained with the Carolingian family of Charlemagne, the ruler of Franks, up to 840, and then it passed on to Germans when Otto I was declared Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope in 962. Thus, the Frankish Empire constituted the Holy Roman Empire during the early 9th century, and then the title was assumed by the Germanic Empire for the next eight centuries.

Deal between US, Turkey spawns more questions than answers

Deal between US, Turkey spawns more questions than answers (Source Associated Press)

A U.S. delegation led by Vice President Mike Pence met with Turkish leaders, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for more than four hours Thursday and agreed to the five-day cease-fire in the Turkish assault on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. The arrangement says the Syrian Kurdish fighters will withdraw out of what has been called a safe zone that is about 20-miles deep into Syria and stretches across about 125 kilometers (78 miles) of the central portion of the border between the two countries.

But almost immediately there were disagreements over what to call the deal and what it meant. Pence and Trump routinely referred to it as a cease-fire. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu rejected that term and called it a “pause” in fighting, because he said cease-fires are only possible between “two legitimate sides.” Cavusoglu also said that the Turks would only halt their operation “after the terrorist elements depart” from northeast Syria. What also remained unclear is what the Turkish-backed militias of Syrian fighters will do and how much control the Turkish military will have or try to exert over them.

In return for the cease-fire, the Turks will get what they have wanted all along: control of the safe zone in Syria and, if the cease-fire holds, a halt to the economic sanctions that Trump announced Monday when he warned that he could obliterate Turkey’s economy.

Bomb Cyclone Slams Northeast With Over 80-MPH Winds

Bomb Cyclone Slams Northeast With Over 80-MPH Winds, Leaving Thousands Without Power (Source A fall nor’easter that strengthened to a bomb cyclone has left almost half a million people without power in Massachusetts and Maine. Residents all throughout the northeast woke up Thursday morning to downed trees and power lines due to winds gusting from 70 to 88 mph, according to NBC News. Dozens of schools from Connecticut to Maine are also closed due to the extreme weather. At Boston’s Logan International Airport more than 800 flights were canceled due to the harsh weather conditions.

Russia-Africa Summit: The Roadmap to Africa, Shift in Geopolitical Relations

Russia-Africa Summit: The Roadmap to Africa, Shift in Geopolitical Relations (Source

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent warm greetings to African leaders, business people and participants early October, signaling that everything is set for the first Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi, southern coastal city of Russia. The message reads, in part: “Today, the countries of Africa are well on their way towards social, economic, scientific and technological development, and are playing a significant role in international affairs. They are strengthening mutually beneficial integration processes within the African Union and other regional and sub regional organizations across the continent.” In recent years, the traditionally friendly ties of partnership between Russia and Africa have gained new momentum, both at a bilateral level and in various multilateral formats. In addition to preserving past experience of successful cooperation, have also managed to make significant new steps forward. Trade and investment are growing dynamically, and new joint projects are under way in extractive industries, agriculture, healthcare, and education. Russian companies are ready to offer their scientific and technological developments to their African partners, and share their experience of upgrading energy, transport and communications infrastructures, according to President Putin.

Why North Korea Is Testing Missiles

Why North Korea Is Testing Missiles(Source It is no secret that China and Russia support the North Korean regime: They routinely use their UN veto power to protect it, and even when sanctions are passed against it, they violate them to help the North. This gives China and Russia heavy influence over North Korea’s foreign policy. It is also no secret that China and Russia share the goal of ousting U.S. power from East Asia, including the presence of some 28,000 U.S. troops in South Korea and some 54,000 in Japan. North Korea’s short-range missile tests could easily be a calculated effort by China and Russia to weaken America’s alliances with Japan and South Korea. They know President Trump has strong motivation to downplay them, and they know how badly this will worry Japan and South Korea. South Korea and Japan have been seriously considering expelling U.S. troops. Both have boosted their own military power, partly to make them less reliant on outside help. President Trump has also voiced his displeasure with how much America pays to safeguard Japan and South Korea. Strains were already present in these U.S.-Asian alliances, and each North Korean short-range missile test strikes not only its target, but those strained relationships. The North Korea crisis is a massive distraction from the real threat posed by China and Russia. In his booklet The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia,’ Mr. Flurry shows that this Asian confederacy will play a key role in the most violent conflict in mankind’s history. But he also shows that these developments are tied to unprecedentedly good news. At the end of this conflict, he writes, Christ will usher in “a peaceful and prosperous new age for the entire Earth!”

Will the Federal Reserve Make Trump a New Herbert Hoover

Will the Federal Reserve Make Trump a New Herbert Hoover? Is the US Economy Primed for a 1929-style Shock? (Source

In recent months US President Trump has pointed repeatedly to his role in making the American economy the “best ever.” But behind the extreme highs of the stock market and the official government unemployment data, the US economy is primed for a 1929-style shock, a financial Tsunami that is more influenced by independent Fed actions than by anything that the White House has done since January 2017. At this point the parallels between one-time Republican President Herbert Hoover who presided over the great stock crash and economic depression that was created then by the Fed policies, and Trump in 2019 are looking ominously similar. It underscores that the real power lies with those who control our money, not elected politicians.

Despite proclamations to the contrary, the true state of the US economy is getting more precarious by the day. The Fed policies of Quantitative Easing and Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) implemented after the 2008 crash, contrary to claims, did little to directly rebuild the real US economy. Instead it funneled trillions to the very banks responsible for the 2007-8 real estate bubble. That “cheap money” in turn flowed to speculative high-return investment around the world. It created speculative bubbles in emerging market debt in countries like Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and even China. It created huge investment in high-risk debt, so called junk bonds, in the US corporate sector in areas like shale oil ventures or companies like Tesla. The Trump campaign promise of rebuilding America’s decaying infrastructure has gone nowhere and a divided Congress is not about to unite for the good of the nation at this point. The real indicator of the health of the real economy where real people struggle to make ends meet lies in the record levels of debt.