Asia Stands with Putin; to form a billion man army in the near future

Asia Stands With Putin (Source Obama says Russia is isolating itself from the world. At least 3 billion people disagree. Russia’s bullying of Ukraine and takeover of Crimea have exposed Vladimir Putin as the authoritarian dictator that he is. These moves have Eastern Europeans quaking with fear and the Western world deeply concerned. But what about China and India? These Asian powerhouses have made clear that they support Putin. This is a stunning fulfillment of a biblical prophecy! A key scripture to understand is Revelation 9:16. This says the end-time Asian bloc led by Russia will command the largest army in history—a gigantic force of 200 million men. This army comes from the same geographic regions described in Ezekiel 38. These statements of support from China and India mean that RIGHT NOW, rallied behind Vladimir Putin and Russia’s 144 million people, potentially stand China’s 1.36 billion and India’s 1.24 billion! That is a virtually endless supply of manpower! That will be key to the success of this Asian alliance. President Obama and even top-tier analysts thought the idea of a revived Russian empire would pose too great a danger to China and India for those countries to support it. But that perspective fails to recognize a significant truth: to India and especially to China, the West is a far greater enemy. More importantly, that perspective fails to recognize the prophecies of the Bible.

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