United States of Gomorrica

The United States of Gomorrica (Source thetrumpet.com) When was the last time you sat down in solitude and seriously thought about where the United States of America is headed?  The United States’ political system has suffered a severed spinal cord and is severely handicapped. Our government no longer functions. Our economy is coughing up blood and is on the brink of collapse. What is even more frightful, our historic enemies, which lust for our destruction, are rising up and growing stronger daily. Why has America (and our entire Western world) gotten so bad? Although a vast majority will likely not agree, it is time to identify the cause: the pervasive decline in our morals. Some want you to believe that America is in the process of turning its morals around. “The United States remains beset by difficulties, political, economic and cultural. Some of the key social trends, however, are more positive. To study them provides hope that the country isn’t, as  Robert H. Bork declared in his1996 bestselling book, Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline. “Analysis demonstrates that we continue slouching towards Gomorrah. The imperative question is whether there is any possibility of avoiding the condition of Gomorrah,” Bork wrote in the final chapter of his book. Human history shows that once a society slips into such terminal degeneration, it does not come back. America has passed that point of no return. When you consider that 58 percent of Americans believe that homosexual relations are “morally acceptable,” hasn’t America become “Gomorrica”? The Bible shows that catastrophe is looming on the horizon.

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