Germany and America got beef

The Significance of Germany’s Break From America (Source Because of continued revelations of American spying, in July German Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered the Central Intelligence Agency’s station chief to get out of Berlin. The decision was a slap in America’s face, and the German public loved it. However, reports also surfaced that other German leaders are upset with Chancellor Merkel for not being forceful enough against the United States. That fact is going to help usher in a new German leader—a strongman who will more broadly reflect the German public’s opinion of the United States. The Bible has many prophecies of a strong leader rising on the European scene in the end time and wreaking havoc in the world. The Trumpet has been watching for this leader for many years, and now conditions in Europe and the rest of the world are opening the door for him to emerge. As crises intensify, Europeans are crying out for strong leadership! We have said for years we believe that strongman will be Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the former defense minister of Germany. We believe there are strong indications this man will become the next German chancellor. Mr. Guttenberg wrote an article in Germany’s biggest-selling tabloid, Bild, about the spying scandal. He warned about the strong anti-Americanism it was creating in Germany. He said that the government’s decision to expel the CIA station chief “should sound President Obama’s alarm bells.” He said that the president could “enter the history books as THE GRAVEDIGGER OF THE TRANSATLANTIC FRIENDSHIP.” Guttenberg is saying this relationship is about to die and be buried! This is the man who could rule Germany in a very few years. Most Americans don’t realize how violently our allies are condemning our foreign policy. They are too absorbed and distracted with sports, entertainment and domestic issues to be interested.

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