War in Europe-Time to Wake up!

War in Europe—Time to Wake Up! (Source thetrumpet.com) “Europe Is on the Brink of Its First War in Decades. Here’s What the West Must Do.” Here is an excerpt: “In short, the separatist pantomime is over, and it is toward a new reality that we may be headed: the reality of the first real war in Europe in decades, the first aggression of one sovereign state against another that the former intends to dismember and reduce to vassal status—the very things that the construction of Europe, its reunification, and the end of the Cold War were supposed to have made impossible.” Europe has enjoyed an unusual amount of peace over the past half-century. The world is used to seeing a peaceful, sophisticated Europe. But it wasn’t always this way. Even before the two world wars, Europe was constantly at war. This period of peace, though it seems normal today, is out of the ordinary when you look at European history. As chaotic and dangerous as it is right now all over the world, America isn’t that concerned. “The world has always been messy,” U.S. President Barrack Obama recently said. He indicated that the world is just more aware of the messiness now because of social media and other technologies. World events are spiraling out of control and America’s response is that things have “always been” this way. The world is far different today and its time for everyone to wake up and respond to these alarming trends.

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