Residents in Florida neighborhood evacated due to massive sinkholes

Residents in Florida neighborhood evacuated due to massive sinkholes (Source Yahoo) Residents in a central Florida neighborhood have been forced to evacuate due to massive sinkholes that have formed over the last week.

At least a dozen sinkholes have been reported in the Wynchase neighborhood of Ocala, Florida, about 80 miles northwest of Orlando, according to local media reports. The holes have been forming around a retention pond.

Residents from at least eight homes close to the pond were evacuated, with no clear indication of when they might be able to return home, according to ABC affiliate WFTV.

One resident, Maren Pinder, said the holes just seem to keep popping and they’re getting larger and larger. It’s put the entire community on edge, she said.

“They just keep coming,” Pinder told WFTV. “Are we safe? We don’t know. It’s really scary. “We just have a bag ready in case they say, ‘Yeah, you need to evacuate,’ we can just grab it and get out.”

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