US planned Nuclear attack on every city in the USSR and China

US Planned Nuclear Attacks on Every City in the USSR and China (Source In mid-December 1960, a conference was held at Strategic Air Command headquarters near Omaha, Nebraska, to outline America’s nuclear war strategy. During the meeting, plans were revealed whereby Moscow alone would be hit by 40 megatons of nuclear weapons. That is: about 4,000 times the force of the atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima, on 6 August 1945. Forty megatons also exceeded, by up to 30 times over, the full outlay of Allied conventional bombing during the Second World War. US General Thomas Power, commander-in-chief of Strategic Air Command, outlined at this meeting that radioactive fallout from the bombings would kill about 100 million Soviet citizens – roughly four times the total wiped out by the Nazis. The 100 million death toll was from radioactive fallout alone, not taking into account the further millions that would be killed by the bombs’ direct impact and blast radius. Neighboring China was also to be decimated by American nuclear attacks; in 1949, the US had “lost China to Communism” following a revolution led by Mao Zedong. General Power noted at the conference that “there are about 600 million Chinese in China”. His chart quickly revealed that following planned nuclear attacks on the country, 300 million Chinese would be killed. Almost all the fatalities would constitute civilians. In attendance at the American conference were the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a list of general officers from various US commands across the world, and a small number of civilians. The Harvard chemistry professor George Kistiakowsky – an advisor to Dwight D. Eisenhower – informed the outgoing US president of the unprecedented death tolls predicted from such attacks. Though appalled by the news, Eisenhower approved the mass genocide proposal. Eisenhower even demanded that, mostly for budgetary purposes, no other plan for fighting the Russians should be formulated. Eisenhower’s successor, president Kennedy, was later briefed of the impact of nuclear attacks that would result in the deaths of hundreds of millions. Like Eisenhower, Kennedy changed nothing and accepted the risks. As too did future presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon – with much evidence to suggest the “major attack options” continued through the administrations of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Snr (and most likely onto Donald Trump). Furthermore, US pre-planned nuclear assaults were to target every city in both the USSR and China. With regard the USSR, there was one US nuclear warhead allocated for each place in the vast socialist state containing 25,000 people or more. Such attacks would also have knowingly wiped out America’s NATO allies in Europe. Soviet nuclear medium-range missiles and tactical bombers were pointed at their NATO adversaries, who would face annihilation in retaliatory strikes, as would the Warsaw Pact states. If there was any doubt, the radioactive fallout from America’s nuclear assaults on the USSR would then sweep across Europe, east to west, in a double whammy blow.

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