Report Shows Superbug Contamination in 62% of Common Supermarket

Report Shows Superbug Contamination In 62% Of Common Supermarket Meats (Source

The non-profit – which aims to empower the public to protect their health through information – analyzed over 47,000 tests to determine the contamination rate.

Results showed high levels of potentially harmful bacteria in chicken, turkey, pork, and beef, caused by the administration of antibiotics to livestock. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria contamination rates ranged from 36 percent in chicken breasts, legs, thighs, and wings to 79 percent in ground turkey – while ground beef and pork chops hit 62 and 71 percent, respectively. The organization also found that 20 percent of salmonella found in supermarket chicken was resistant to the antibiotic most commonly used to treat the ailment – amoxicillin.


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