The Holy Roman Empire Goes Public—Big Time

The Holy Roman Empire Goes Public—Big Time! (Source A trend is unfolding in Europe that you should keep a close watch on. Europeans have been besieged by immigrants from the Middle East, growing Muslim populations within their midst, cityscapes filling with mosques and minarets, portions of their cities turning into Muslim enclaves that local police dare not enter, even Islamic terrorist attacks.

And more and more Europeans are looking for solutions in their own history. Specifically, their religious history.

A strong example of this trend is Austria’s new chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. He is a staunch Catholic, and outspoken about the fact that his religion guides his politics.

Kurz is only 32 years old, but he captured the imagination of his countrymen, and they promoted him to lead the nation. He is very popular in Austria, and also across Europe! He is looked up to as a key figure in European politics.

Kurz is close to the archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn, whom several authorities believe could become the next pope. When he was foreign minister, Kurz sought the counsel of a Catholic priest on how to deal with the migrant crisis. The actions he took after that meeting actually stopped the influx of migrants into Germany and Eastern Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel opposed his actions, calling them anti-humanitarian. But Kurz believed his actions aligned with his Catholic faith.

Until the end of this year, Sebastian Kurz is president of the European Council, one of the rotating presidencies leading the European Union. Kurz’s main goal as Council president is summarized by his motto for the presidency: “a Europe that protects.” He wants to protect Europe—mainly from unwanted refugees and a lot more. And religion directs his politics. He is bringing religious talk into the European Council.

This is hardly the first time that religion has been featured in European politics. In fact, Kurz is just trying to resurrect a role that his native Austria played for centuries: as the heart of the Holy Roman Empire—the most powerful and infamous church-state combine in all human history.

Under Chancellor Kurz, this imperial heritage is again gaining emphasis through a giant publicity campaign. If you want to know what Kurz believes and what he is going to do, you need to study the history of the Holy Roman Empire.

Europe has a religious history full of unparalleled, bloody warfare. And that is mild compared to what is coming. Bible prophecy tells us that empire is about to start a nuclear World War III!

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