France: We Want a European Empire

France: We Want a European Empire (Source France is ready for a European empire. That is according to French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, who said in an interview published on November 12 in Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper that the European Union must become a “form of empire, like China and the U.S.” Le Maire’s comments come just days after French President Emmanuel Macron said Europe needs a “real army” to defend itself. “I use the term to sharpen awareness that we are going into a world where power matters,” Le Maire said. “Europe should no longer shrink from deploying its power.”

“It’s going to be all about power … technological power, economic, financial, monetary, cultural power—all will be decisive,” he said. “Europe cannot be shy any longer about using its power” Mr. Armstrong said in a sermon on Aug. 10, 1984: “Europe will reunite, and they will form a new empire: a new nation, political, with one currency, one military force, one government.” In 1982, he said: “Now what they [Europe] want is political union. What they want is one military force. What they want is one great world power ….” This is exactly what Le Maire very publicly emphasized. In his interview with Handelsblatt, Le Maire said that the ball is in Berlin’s court, effectively saying, Look, Germany—we want you to take the lead! Europe needs German leadership in order to form a real empire. The Bible—and current headlines—also show that this European power will be anti-American. Le Maire said in his interview: “Everybody knows it takes guts to stand in the way of Donald Trump’s administration. The people of Europe have had enough of the babble from Brussels. They want to see action.” Are you awake to what is going on in the world today?

Too many aren’t. While Europeans openly talk about building an empire to oppose the U.S., we are focusing on domestic issues: voter recounts, drama over a White House press pass, and other events that are perhaps more sensational. What the Europeans are building will desolate this nation! Most haven’t even heard of the truly significant stories like Europe talking about getting its own army. At the Trumpet, we are dedicated to telling you the truth! Destruction is prophesied to come.

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