Germany—A New King Is Imminent

Germany—A New King Is Imminent (Source

The end of Merkel could be a turning point not just for Germany, but the whole world. Every reader should closely watch Germany. This nation is experiencing changes that will reshape the country and the whole of Europe. Yet, remarkably, most of the world is asleep to these dramatic developments.

On October 29, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her plans to retire from German politics. In December, she stepped down as the leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union. However, she wants to remain chancellor of Germany until the next election, scheduled for 2021.

Many are skeptical of her plan. To be chancellor, but not party leader of the main governing party, is very unusual. There are several ways Merkel could be forced out of office well before 2021. Until then, she is a lame duck leader. Germany’s chancellor now lacks the full support of even her own party, and her term in office has a clear expiration date.

Merkel’s political position, in both Germany and Europe, has been getting weaker for some time. Germany today is crying out for a stronger leader, and the European Union wants stronger leadership and direction from Germany. Now that Merkel is on her way out, Germany and Europe are more lost than ever. Already, many are wondering if Merkel’s decline portends unstable, dangerous times for Europe. The New York Times wrote that her announcement “created a degree of panic at the core of the European Union” (Oct. 30, 2018). Former German Foreign Minister Joshcka Fischer wrote on October 30, “It is no exaggeration to say that 2019 will be the year that makes or breaks the European Union.”


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