France Rejects America—and Empowers Germany!

France Rejects America—and Empowers Germany! (Source President Macron visited Berlin on Nov. 18, 2018. One week earlier he had hosted leaders around the world and used the occasion to be openly hostile to the United States. But during his trip to Germany on November 18, there were no harsh words or criticisms. “If you do not understand the words from France, remember that France loves you,” he told the German parliament. Macron has never said anything like that to Britain or America. Instead, he has called for a “true European army” to protect Europe “with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.” France certainly does not love the United States. 10 powerful European nations will combine their forces.” The European unification project is going to consolidate to 10 nations that Germany can really dominate. You can read about this power in Daniel 2 and 7, and Revelation 13 and 17. In Revelation 9:7-9, John saw these weapons in vision and wasn’t familiar with what he was seeing. He had never seen mechanized vehicles or modern technology. He described what he saw using terms he was familiar with, such as “locusts,” war horses and lions. “The sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle,” says verse 9. This is talking about airplanes, jet fighters and helicopters that can go all directions and inflict punishing destruction! If you look back in European history, you will see previous instances when people tried to establish an empire in Europe: Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Charlemagne and others. Those were all terrifyingly bloody times in Europe! That was the tyranny of the Holy Roman Empire! In World Wars i and ii, America helped to set France free from the empire. But instead of showing gratitude, France is now helping to raise it right back up!

Across France, hundreds of thousands have marched, blockaded roads, and destroyed property, demanding change from the government. Paris was shut down for weeks on end as rioters burned cars, smashed windows, and clashed with police. The riots were sparked by anger at a rise in fuel taxes (to pay for Macron’s war on climate change), but it is clear that the people are angry about much more than that. “The demands of the protesters have grown more radical as the weeks have passed,” wrote the Times. “Many are calling for the overthrow of Mr. Macron and a new political system to be introduced”. This is a game-changing trend for France and Europe. Many people in France are tired of democracy and want a whole new political system—and Bible prophecy shows that they will get it! On Dec. 13, 2018, the American Conservative published an article by James Pinkerton that addressed the protests in France and pointed out that the European Union is fundamentally not a democratic project. In general, voters don’t want to hand over power to a superstate. Every time they have been asked in referenda, they have issued a clear “No!” However, as Pinkerton pointed out, “[T]he dream of a united Europe will always endure, at least in the minds of would-be Charlemagnes.” French President Macron is clearly a would-be Charlemagne! But Pinkerton went on to write, “Of course, such an imperium requires a fist—the more mailed, the better.” To create such an empire in Europe, you must use an iron fist! That is the only way it has been achieved in the past.

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