Huawei founder: US government ‘underestimated our power

Huawei founder: US government ‘underestimated our power’ (Source

The growing animosity between Huawei Technologies Opens a New Window. and the U.S. government Opens a New Window. was inevitable and a sales ban imposed by the Trump administration Opens a New Window. will have no effect on the firm’s plans, according to the founder of the Chinese telecommunications giant. Speaking to Chinese state media on Tuesday, Ren Zhengfei said there would be “conflict with the United States sooner or later” as Huawei seeks to grow its dominance in the global telecom industry.

Following the actions from the Trump administration, a number of companies took immediate steps to limit their relationship with the Chinese firm. Google, for example, said it would restrict access to popular applications on Huawei smartphones, a decision that was reversed after the White House’s 90-day reprieve. Chipmakers like Intel and Qualcomm Inc. also reportedly suspended shipments to Huawei. While the company develops some of its own chips, it relies on U.S. firms for other parts.

Spokespersons for Qualcomm and Intel did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu on wrote on Tuesday on popular Chinese messaging app WeChat that the company would roll out its own operating system in 2020, a move that would reduce the reliance on U.S. companies.

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