Geologist: A Yellowstone Eruption “Would Destroy Most Of America”

Geologist: A Yellowstone Eruption “Would Destroy Most Of America” (Source Zero Hedge)

According to Tech WP, Dr. Zaba says that Yellowstone would destroy much of the United States. Dr. Zaba, who is a geologist at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, said the mass explosion is completely unavoidable although it’s impossible to say when that explosion will occur. In addition to the annihilation of the United States, the geologist also says about 5 billion other people will starve to death in the volcanoes aftermath: a volcanic winter. It is forecasted that if there was an explosion it would destroy most of the United States. Discarded materials would cover everything with a meter layer within a radius of 500 km. And due to the emission of a huge amount of dust, gases or sulfur oxide to the atmosphere, there would be a temporary cooling of the climate. Sulfur oxide would create a thin veil of sulfuric acid around the planet reflecting sunlight. This would persist for many years. It is estimated that due to climate change about five billion people would starve to death. 

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