End-Times Expert: U.S. Citizens Ignore Global War

End-Times Expert: U.S. Citizens Ignore Global War on the Horizon (Source charismanews.com)

Global tensions are beginning to heat up, and end-times expert Michael Snyder says Americans need to wake up the fact that another world war may be on the horizon. Yet some, he says, are living without a care in the world despite the volatile situations between Israel and Iran and China and the U.S.

A global storm, Snyder says, is definitely headed our way. “It’s kind of quite right now, so a lot of people are using this time to enjoy life, to party and have a good time,” Snyder told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of “Greenelines” on the Charisma Podcast Network. “I really think that right now is a time for preparation. Not just physical preparation but spiritual preparation, getting your house in order and getting things you need to get done for whatever is coming. “Some, like John Paul Jackson, have described it as a perfect storm—not just political war and geopolitical shaking, but also the economy and the rest of it. Things may be peaceful right now, but I would encourage people to not use this time to party but to prepare to get closer to God than you’ve ever been before.

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