Catholics to gather near Vatican next month to pray for Church

Catholics to gather near Vatican next month to pray for Church in her hour of crisis (Source An international public prayer gathering will be held at 2:30pm, on Saturday Oct. 5, 2019, at Largo Giovanni XIII in Rome, located between St. Peter’s Square and Castel Sant’Angelo.  

Set to take place on the eve of the Oct. 6-27 Amazon Synod, the event will also coincide with an Oct. 5 Consistory at which Pope Francis will create 13 new cardinals.  “This powerful gesture comes in response to a common sentiment: The Church is going through her Passion.” This Passion dates back well before 2013, as Benedict XVI himself has said on several occasions. The last two years of his pontificate were also a time of intense suffering for believers; the obstacles placed along his path by open or hidden enemies were evident to all. Yet Benedict somehow acted as a dam (perhaps, in some way, he is still doing so today), but after his resignation the flood arrived. The author notes that, little by little, Catholics have been waking up to the current crisis in the Church, and over time many people have become convinced that something “more powerful” needed than the “usual” conference. Catholics from around the world are therefore being invited to “mobilize,” so as to offer “all believers a sign of hope, by praying to Our Lady for our beloved Church.” 

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