A deadly mosquito-borne illness kills a third of the people

A deadly mosquito-borne illness kills a third of the people it infects, and it’s spreading. Here’s what we know about the states affected(Source Insider)

Eastern equine encephalitis is a mosquito-borne virus that causes a rare, potentially fatal disease and seems to be spreading across the US.

There have been 12 human cases of the virus and two deaths so far this season. It’s also killed horses across the U.S. and been found in mosquitos in several states and in Canada. Here’s what we know about the places that have tested positive for EEE, and what you can do to stay safe. At least a dozen cases of eastern equine encephalitis, a dangerous mosquito-borne illness, have been confirmed across the U.S. so far this season. Two people have died from the disease.  EEE, or “triple E,” is a rare but life-threatening virus that can wreak havoc in livestock and cause permanent brain damage in people, resulting in seizures, mental impairment, and even personality changes in survivors of the disease. EEE is incurable, but its symptoms can be successfully treated if it’s caught before it spreads to the brain. About a third of patients with EEE die, either within weeks of getting this disease or years later as a result of ongoing physical and mental impairment. Triple E is most often found in the northeastern United States in swampy, wooded areas from late spring to early fall. It can also be found in southern states into the winter months.

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