Trump tells reporters border wall is ‘wired’,

Trump tells reporters border wall is ‘wired’, immediately after army general asks him not to discuss in public (Source The Independent)

Donald Trump touted the robust construction of his border fence on a visit to southern California, but risked the ire of one of his top generals by revealing the barrier would be “wired” to detect attempts to breach it. Flanked by engineers and the border patrol commissioner, the president talked up the steel-and-concrete fence’s technological elements during a press conference in San Diego. He said: “They’re wired, so that we will know if somebody is trying to break through.” Turning to Lt Gen Todd Semonite, chief of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Mr Trump added: “You may want to discuss that a little bit, general.” But he was told: “Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing it.” To nervous laughter from officials, Mr Trump continued: “Ok. I like that. That was a great answer. I’ll just tell you they’re wired, ok? They’re wired. They’re technologically very

advanced, all set up for cameras any place we want.

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