Trump tells Dems to nominate ‘Mini Mike Bloomberg ASAP

Trump tells Dems to nominate ‘Mini Mike Bloomberg ASAP (Source Yahoo News) In the wake of the Democratic Party’s Iowa caucus debacle, President Trump took to Twitter Wednesday morning to offer his opponents some sarcastic advice. “Iowa is a complete disaster for the Dems,” Trump tweeted. “They should bring in Mini Mike Bloomberg ASAP!”

Bloomberg, the multibillionaire former mayor of New York, immediately retweeted Trump’s “endorsement,” adding a chin-scratch emoji as if to say, “Now that’s something worth pondering.” Bloomberg’s viability is certainly something that people — or at least pundits — have been pondering in recent days. As the Iowa fiasco unfolded Monday night, and as the talking heads struggled to fill hours of cable news airtime set aside for caucus results that ultimately never came, many started to speculate about how the muddled outcome could boost Bloomberg’s candidacy. Hot takes about Bloomberg as the “real winner” of the Iowa caucuses followed the next day. Soon, Bloomberg himself was jumping on the bandwagon, announcing that he would double his behemoth ad budget and expand his gargantuan field staff to capitalize on the post-caucus confusion. Bloomberg’s strategy is unprecedented. By skipping all four early-voting states and pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising and organizing for the later, larger-state primaries — particularly in key battlegrounds such as Pennsylvania and Michigan and delegate-rich places such as Massachusetts and California — he has bet that no consensus candidate will emerge by Super Tuesday and that Democrats will eventually turn to him (and his $60-billion fortune) to fill the void.  

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