U.S. “New Cold War” Policy has Backfired

U.S. “New Cold War” Policy Has Backfired – And Created Its Worst Nightmare. Shift in Trade Patterns and Military Alliances (Source globalresearch.ca) The World’s geopolitics, major trade patterns and military alliances have changed radically in the past month. Russia has re-oriented its gas and oil trade, and also its trade in military technology, away from Europe toward Eurasia. The result is the opposite of America’s hope for the past half-century of dividing and conquering Eurasia: setting Russia against China, isolating Iran, and preventing India, the Near East and other Asian countries from joining together to create an alternative to the U.S. dollar area. Germany’s leading politicians, diplomats and cultural celebrities wrote an open letter to Angela Merkel protesting her pro-U.S. anti-Russian policy. By overplaying its hand, the United States is in danger of driving Europe out of the U.S. economic orbit. Turkey already is moving out of the U.S.-European orbit, by turning to Russia for its energy needs. Iran also has moved into an alliance with Russia. Instead of breaking up the BRICS, the dollar area is coming undone. This week, President Putin is going to India to negotiate a gas and arms deal. Last week he was in Turkey diverting what was to be the South Stream pipeline away from southern Europe to Turkey. And Turkey is becoming an associate of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization integrating the BRICS in a defensive alliance against the United States, now that it is obvious that it has no chance of joining the EU. A few months earlier, Russia announced the largest oil and gas trade and pipeline investment ever, with China – along with a transfer of missile defense technology.

U.S. vs. Russia: America Remains Worlds’s Mightiest Army but Vladimar Putin Boasts of Clear Nuclear Edge

 U.S. vs. Russia: America Remains World’s Mightiest Army but Vladimir Putin Boasts of Clear Nuclear Edge – Report (Source au.ibtimes.com) If a shooting war erupts between the United States and Russia anytime soon, the numbers say that America will win overwhelmingly, that is if the skirmishes are confine on conventional warfare. However, it will be a different story in case of a nuclear World War III. Using the Global Firepower Index , Three notable advantages of U.S. President Barack Obama, if he chooses to shoot it out with Putin, are in the personnel, air power and sea authority departments. Around 1.4 million active U.S. service members are at Obama’s disposal, facing off with Putin’s combat-ready 766,000 Russian troops. When it comes to tank showdown, the Kremlin is always ready to rollout 15,000 units that can barrel through the wall of 8000 plus tanks that the White House can muster in the event the two would engage in an armour face off. Russia, in fact, leads any military in the world in this respect. The same index somehow confirmed the earlier reports that in a nuclear duel, Putin will theoretically get the better of Obama as the Russian leader can readily deploy 8,484 nuclear warheads, arrayed against America’s 7,506, in a push of a button. And if strategy counts (as it should be), Russia is definitely on a warpath as it continues to modernise its military arsenal that its searing-hot defence spending could soon overtake that of the U.S’ $612 billion Pentagon budget.

Russia Downplays Nuclear War; U.S. Insists, Citing Dual Missiles

Russia Downplays Nuclear War; U.S. Insists, Citing Dual Missiles Movement Over Crimea (Source au.ibtimes.com) Russia had downplayed fears and speculations about a looming nuclear attack against the United States and its ally countries by dropping a provision of an anticipatory nuclear strike against potential enemy from its military doctrine. The new draft of the country’s military doctrine would not include a stipulation for preemptive nuclear war, unnamed sources from Russia‘s Defence Ministry revealed. Preemptive war pertains to an attack initiated on the basis of unquestionable evidence that an attack from potential enemy is imminent, according to its dictionary meaning. Article 198 of Russia’s revised military doctrine would not have a reservation for preemptive nuclear strikes on potential enemy, sources said. The document “is very precise on the conditions under which Russia can use the nuclear weapons,” an unnamed Defence official said, asreported by RT.  The nuclear attack from Russia would only become possible “if the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation are under threat,” the official made clear. The same stipulation was also stated in Russian’s military doctrine approved in 2010. The Russian Federation would only use nuclear weapons as retaliation “to strikes with nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction on its territory or on the territory of its allies,” the approved 2010 doctrine stated. The final decision whether to retaliate to a nuclear strike from an enemy belongs to the president.


US To Shift Nuclear Missiles in Europe in Anticipation of War vs Putin

US To Shift Nuclear Missiles in Europe in Anticipation of War Vs Putin (Source au.ibtimes.com)

A day after it alleged Russia to have violated the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty or INF, the United States is thinking of stationing its nuclear cruise missiles in Europe in anticipation of the other country’s war tactics. Brian P. McKeon, deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, told a joint hearing on Russian treaty violations that the US cruise missiles will be redeployed in the region if Russia continues to be adamant about its nuclear program. Russia argued the testing of a ground-launched cruise missile in July 2014 was in compliance with the treaty. Suffice to say, the planned redeployment makes good McKeon’s pronouncement that the U.S. will not just watch while Russia conducts its cruise missile testing. McKeon said that although the U.S. doesn’t want to engage in an “escalatory cycle of action and reaction,” the country most definitely asserted the violation “will not go unanswered, because there is too much at stake.” Rose Gottemoeller, undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, told the same hearing President Barack Obama has written Russian President Putin about the arms violation. Other senior U.S. government officials have likewise followed suit. But Russia remained tight lipped. Gottemoeller, stressing the U.S. can’t wait forever for a reply, said the government had drawn up a list of “countermeasures” against Russia. Diplomacy will always be the priority to resolve the new dispute between the two countries, but the U.S. didn’t disregard “future military countermeasures,” along with possible economic sanctions. The U.S. doesn’t possess ground-launched cruise missiles in Europe by virtue of the INF. But McKeon hinted it is an option being highly considered.

Big Bank Balk, So Colorado has created A credit Union for the Marijuana Industry

BIG BANKS BALK, SO COLORADO HAS CREATED A CREDIT UNION FOR THE MARIJUANA INDUSTRY (Source Mint Press) Nearly a year after Colorado’s first legal marijuana shops opened, the thriving industry’s biggest problem is deciding what to do with all of its cash. Now, the state banking commission believes it has found a way to free pot entrepreneurs from the regulatory haze between federal banking laws, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) policy, and the state’s right to experiment with legalization. The nation’s first bank for marijuana pushers, growers, and investors will open in January after Colorado’s banking regulators approved a charter for The Fourth Corner Credit Union. The first-of-its-kind bank will allow state business owners to move away from relying on cash for every transaction. Business has been very good for marijuana sellers since the state’s carefully designed legalization regime came online in early 2014, but traditional banks have refused to do business with the industry for fear of inviting punishment from regulators that are required to enforce the federal prohibition on the drug. That inability to access banking services has pushed the businesses into the arms of companies like Blue Line Protection Group, a security firm that specializes in moving and safeguarding huge piles of cash for the marijuana industry. As the cash stacked up and security concerns mounted, Colorado’s banking regulators came to view that problem as justification for approving a pot bank. Keeping Colorado’s marijuana revenue out of the hands of criminal enterprises will be much easier if the industry doesn’t have to rely on cash. “If you can’t get your cash into the Federal Reserve system, you end up stockpiling it in your home, in caves, in your business. At some point, the risk becomes worth it for organized crime,” state financial services commissioner Chris Myklebust told USA Today.


China Blocks US Imports Over GMO Contamination

China Blocks US Imports Over GMO Contamination (Source Natural Society) China has zero tolerance for many GMOs. They’ve made this clear by refusing US exports that contain genetically modified ingredients – not even in the parts per million range. Due to the recent contamination of hay from Round Up ready GMO alfalfa, the Chinese government has now blacklisted hay from the US, and they are looking at Canada’s exports closely to determine if they will also need to be blacklisted. One exporter of hay to China and other places around the world, Ed Shaw, said three American hay exporters have been blacklisted from exporting to China, and hundreds of container loads of hay have been turned away after GMO alfalfa was found in the loads. Hay exported to the country from the U.S. was in quarantine due to the detection of GMO traits, specifically of genetically modified alfalfa. And this isn’t a singular occurrence, either. Last year, a Washington State grower’s hay was rejected after it tested positive for GMO alfalfa. This doesn’t sit well with China, since all imported hay is supposed to be GMO-free. Needless to say, the trend continued, leading China to boycott all US grown-hay completely. Forage Seed Canada president Heather Kerschbaumer said her Golden Acre Seed Co. had nine non-Roundup Ready alfalfa samples tested last year for the presence of Roundup Ready alfalfa, and all tested negative; however, GMO alfalfa is increasingly planted between vegetable crops in California and other places in the US. The possibility of cross-contamination grows stronger every planting season. Forage Seed lost $20,000 recently due to contaminated canola seed, and now Canadian officials are concerned about GMO alfalfa contamination since it could possibly bring the Canadian export market to its knees.

Pope Francis Unifying Church and State

Pope Francis Unifying Church and State (Source thetrumpet.com) On November 25, Pope Francis became the first pontiff in nearly 30 years to visit the European Parliament. Pope John Paul II was the last pope to address the Parliament in what he described as a “special moment in the history of this Continent.” His ecstatic visit in 1988 came as communism was crumbling in Eastern Europe, providing a great opportunity for Europe to unite. Pope Francis, not so jubilant on his recent visit, delivered a somber message to the European Parliament. Two weeks earlier the Continent had celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. That event has become the symbol of Europeans unifying. But Pope Francis believes the Continent has not done enough. The pope’s comments should send shivers down the spines of history students. Most people don’t realize the destruction caused throughout history by the Catholic Church. Here is a modern pope rallying the European continent to unite behind it and return to its “glory days.” Four days after addressing the European Parliament, Pope Francis traveled to Turkey to visit the head of the Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew. On this trip the pope focused on improving relations between the two churches. There has been a great divide between the two churches since 1054 when the Eastern Orthodox Church split from the Roman Catholic Church over the authority of the pope. The Catholic Church has held many empires together throughout history. Soon, it will again provide the glue to unite a European superpower.


NATO Prepositions Weapons In Poland for Attack on Russia

 NATO Prepositions Weapons In Poland for Attack on Russia (Source globalresearch.ca)

The lengthiest excerpt from NATO’s own site, It reports that “a military base in eastern Europe” will be “placing supplies — weapons, ammunition and ration packs — at the headquarters” [what ‘headquarters’? It’s the first usage of this term there, and yet doesn’t say] to enable a sudden influx of thousands of Nato troops to be ready for action in the event of a crisis.” Furthermore, “the leading contender [for the ‘headquarters,’ though the vaguely written article doesn’t explicitly say so] is Multinational Corps Northeast, in Poland. … It would be a 24/7 fully functioning headquarters that forces [what ‘forces,’ whose ‘forces’?] could quickly fall in on to respond rapidly when needed. This is a vague way of saying that the prepositioned weapons there would be for “forces” who are rushing in to grab their weapons and invade Russia at a moment’s notice. The vague assumption embodied here is that this would be a defensive invasion against an offensive Russia. The news-report is written for people who have that assumption about NATO’s being ‘defensive’, and who do not worry that they might have been fooled into believing it, but the report builds upon that unquestioning assumption on the reader’s part. By this implicit instead of explicit means, the article is saying that to call NATO a purely ‘defensive’ organization isn’t a lie — which it actually is — but is instead a perfectly reasonable assumption for intelligent people to hold (despite all historical evidence to the contrary); and that, consequently the idea of NATO’s increasingly surrounding Russia with its missiles is purely a ‘defensive’ measure, nothing for Russians to find terrifying. In other words, to decode this corporate PR yet further, the American General, Breedlove, who is the organization’s top commander regarding a war against Russia, has proposed this forward quick-strike base to invade Russia.

Russia Spy Plane to Fly Over US Skies As Putin Claims US ‘Holding

Russia Spy Plane to Fly Over US Skies As Putin Claims US ‘Holding Back’ Russian Strength (Source International Business Times) In the midst of tensions between Moscow and Washington over Western sanctions, Russia has announced it will conduct an observation flight in U.S. airspace within the guidelines of the Treaty on Open Skies. The country’s National Nuclear Risk Reduction Centre said Russian inspectors will be aboard the Russian Tupolev Tu-154M-LK-1 when it flies over U.S. territory. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryzhkov said that the Russian aircraft will be launched from the Travis Air Force Base in the U.S. state of California with observation flights to be conducted on Dec. 8 to 13, according to Sputnik. The flight aims to promote transparency in military activities. Ryzhov explained that U.S. specialists will also be aboard the aircraft to check the use of equipment and the Russian inspectors’ compliance with the Open Skies treaty. Previous reports have indicated that the Treaty on Open Skies allows the unarmed observation flights over the territories of signatory countries. It was designed to boost mutual understanding and confidence in gathering information about military forces and other activities of concern to participants. Russia has been ramping up its military flights in the Baltic Sea region in the past few days as its actions are being closely monitored by both the U.S. and NATO. A U.S. official told CNN that a dozen Russian military aircraft including bomber planes were detected in the Baltic Sea. NATO, Sweden and Finland military planes monitored the Russian flights. Russian flights were conducted on the same route as several bombers and transport aircraft were spotted. Pentagon spokesperson Col. Steven Warren said that although large Russian flights have been seen in the past, the current contingent of planes was a “large incursion.” Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of pushing Russia into self-isolation. In a speech in Washington, Mr Obama said the crisis in Ukraine might have caught Mr Putin by surprise. The U.S. president claimed Mr Putin was turning to a “nationalist backward looking approach” in Russian policy as he scares nearby countries and damage his country’s economy. Following Mr Obama’s strong statements against the Russian president, Mr Putin hit back in a speech to the Kremlin and said the sanctions imposed by the West are not only “harmful” to Russia but to the whole world as well. He claimed the West was trying to “hold back the growing strength” of Russia.

California Sheriff Acquiers ‘Crowd control’ Drones

CALIFORNIA SHERIFF ACQUIRES ‘CROWD CONTROL’ DRONES THAT CAN SEE INSIDE BUILDINGS, TRACK GUNS (Source ARS TECHNICA)At the headquarters of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO), 34 miles east of San Francisco, Sheriff Gregory Ahern formally announced on Wednesday that his agency had finally acquired two drones just one day earlier. Once approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is likely to happen sometime in 2015, the ACSO could become the first law enforcement agency in California (the most populous state in the United States) to deploy an authorized drone. The Los Angeles and San Jose police departments also have drones, but have yet to deploy them. Citizens outraged at hearing for California’s first publicly funded drones. According to its own website, the ACSO regularly provides “patrols and investigative services to the unincorporated areas” of the county, and contracts with some regional areas and cities, including the City of Dublin and the Oakland International Airport, to provide similar services. Alameda County encompasses 1.5 million people and a land area of 738 square miles.