Trump Has made the World a more dangerous and uncertain place

Trump Has Made the World a More Dangerous and Uncertain Place Says Ex-NATO Chief (Source Newsweek)

U.S. President Donald Trump will be exploited by the leaders of Russia and China because of his inexperience, making the world a more dangerous place, the former head of NATO has said. Anders Fogh Rasmussen was responding to questions over Trump’s actions like pulling out of the world climate change accord, withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and sparking a possible trade war with key U.S. trading partners.

Rasmussen told Bloomberg TV: “He is a fully-fledged American isolationist and this is a clear disruption from what was seen created by President Truman immediately after the Second World War. “All presidents until President George W Bush adhered to that principle that we should have a rules-based world order led by the U.S. and this is exactly what is at stake now.” To mark the first 500 days of his presidency, Trump tweeted on June 4 that America “is winning on the world stage.” But Rasmussen, a former Danish prime minister who now runs his own consultancy, Rasmussen Global, said that under Trump, the U.S. was reneging on its role as a world leader. “The world needs a policeman to restore international law and order. The world is on fire…and I don’t see any other reliable candidate than the United States.

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