China Prepares to Blind U.S. Satellites

China Prepares to Blind U.S. Satellites (Source China has been rapidly developing its military capabilities to a level that could threaten the greatest military power in existence today. But beyond the visible land, air and sea forces, it is developing the technology that could devastate the latest military frontier: space. On September 27, the head of United States Space Command warned that China is developing laser weapons that could blind American satellites. “We’re pretty comfortable

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that they are developing directed energy weapons—probably building lasers to blind our satellites,” said U.S. Gen. John “Jay” Raymond. “It’s clear that China would plan to use those threats against us in conflict,” he added. Only in recent years has space become a military realm on par with land, sea, air and cyberspace. This fact led President Donald Trump to re-establish the 1985 U.S. Space Command in August, which had been dissolved by George W. Bush in 2002. The force was reestablished in order to put more focus on staying ahead of the threats to this realm.

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