Germany Is Bracing for Swine Fever

Germany Is Bracing for Swine Fever(Source Bloomberg) German hunting dogs are being trained to sniff out dead wild boar, authorities are stockpiling electric fences along the eastern frontier. These are just some of the measures Europe’s top pork producer is taking to try to thwart the deadly African swine fever that’s roiled global meat trade and is moving ever closer to its borders. After it was detected in Belgium last year, the viral disease recently popped up across western Poland, placing it a few dozen kilometers from Germany on either side. A confirmed German case would disrupt an industry deeply rooted in the home of bratwurst, currywurst and frankfurters. Despite its relatively small size compared with producers like China or the U.S., Germany is a heavyweight in the global pork trade — accounting for 15% of the world’s exports in 2017. “We don’t know what will happen, but we are trained how to act and react,” German Agriculture Minister Julia Kloeckner said this week in Brussels.

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