Man with implanted chip unlocks Tesla with his hand

Man with implanted chip unlocks Tesla with his hand(Source A Utah man is blurring the line between man and machine by implanting chips in his hands that allow him to, among other things, unlock his Tesla. Ben Workman of Provo said he currently has four chips implanted in his hands, including an electronic Tesla key that allows him to unlock his car with a wave of his hand. “I play tricks on people who don`t know I have it in my hand. I try and convince them a banana is the key and then I hold a banana up and [the chip] unlocks the door,” he told KSTU-TV. The other chips in Workman’s hands allow him to unlock doors at work, log on and off of his computer and share contact information using the same technology as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

He said most of the chips were installed by a family member, but he required the help of a piercing studio to implant the Tesla key. Workman said he also has a magnet implanted in his left hand that he uses for “magic tricks.”

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